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Morning. . .

This morning I followed my usual routine. I splashed cold water on my face, made coffee, and took my cup out onto the veranda. The sky was palest blue-gray-lavender, nearly white, backlit by the sun behind the thick clouds. Mist hugged the earth, dragon’s breath, turning some of the trees that sage-ish, more-gray-than-green and making others a bright, vibrating green. The usual morning choir of cicadas was silent in the dimness, the night crickets still singing mutedly. The birds were hushed too. My spirit expanded and relaxed and sighed with deep happiness as I sipped my coffee and let myself be absorbed into the mists. . .

A little while later, after breakfast, I went out again to leave what remained of the morning meal for the neighborhood strays and fill the bird feeder. Now the sun, a little higher and stronger, had thinned the clouds and mist some. The sky was bluer. The mist looked like thin veils made of pearl, shining with that muted rainbow light, as pearls do. The trees and plants looked as though they had been hung with nets of diamonds as the sunlight prismed through the moisture clinging to them and making hundreds of sparkling little points of light.

And I was caught up, soaring into pure joy. . . . .

“The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees, and forests, are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a subtle, precious sound, demonstrating and expounding to all people the unsurpassed ultimate truth.” –Yuansou

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© Babaloo Bonzai and Babaloo Bonzai’s Zen Soup, 2010.


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