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Babaloo’s Chinese Brain is- – !GASP! Damaged!






irst I find out my brain is Chinese and now this!


These, it seems, are heady days for brain research. (Or maybe this is just what happens when you give men with advanced degrees a lot of research money and fancy computers and MRI’s to play with.) Apparently, according to the latest findings, menstrual cramps may permanently alter (that is, damage) the brain.

And you thought we had come a long way, baby(!) from the days when people believed menstruating women caused milk to sour and crops to fail! Now we are told it makes us retarded and brain damaged, and what’s more MRI proves it – computers can’t be wrong, of course.

For the effects of testosterone on the male brain, see here.

I was so alarmed by this frightening information, I hurried off to the test area of the Psychology Today website. You can’t imagine my relief when the non-verbal IQ test revealed that my IQ was actually up 2 points from the last time I was tested. Whew! Apparently divorce and menopause reverses the damage. So yes ladies, there is hope!


As for the Chinese part, never one to be shy about such matters, I emailed one of the authors of the “culture wires our brains differently” studies. (See Babaloo’s Chinese Brain) I explained that I had read the information with great interest, but that I was puzzled to find my brain seems to be wired as though I am from Asian culture, when I’m actually a life-long American. I asked what the studies had found with regard to exceptions and deviations. He emailed back, asking me some questions, which I answered cheerfully and sent back to him. He emailed again, saying my brain does indeed seem to be wired Asian style, and that this is very unusual, and that there had been no other persons like me in the studies, so he was unable to give me any further information. I told him it’s ok, my brain is very happy the way it is, and that I was just curious.

So much for advanced degrees, computers, and MRIs!


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2 responses

  1. “Apparently divorce and menopause reverses the damage.” 🙂

    August 12, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    • Yes – the children finishing college and leaving home also helps! 😉

      August 13, 2010 at 3:29 am

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