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Inspiration – and then some. . . .

hmmm, what to write about?. . .


It happened about half-way through my second cup of coffee. That ticklish-butterflies feeling in my fingers, the subtle shifting of gears in my mind. No doubt about it, I was in the mood to write. I topped off my cup and made my way to the computer, following my regular routine of reading my favorite blogs, checking the news, etc. A quick check of the weather showed the 5th straight day of excessive heat warnings due to temperatures hovering at 100F. Ugh! No wonder I wanted to stay in and write.

Staying alert for subject matter and waiting for the muse to clobber me in my already ‎Chinese and possibly damaged brain I surfed along sipping coffee and nibbling on little cheese fish crackers, bookmarking here and there. In less than 5 minutes I had quite a collection of  links. Let’s see. . . .

There was the story of the man in Cape Cod who’d apparently accidentally inhaled a pea while eating, and the pea actually sprouted in his lung. Even the doctors were taken by surprise. He said he kept coughing. Sort of a bizzare, modern, “Prince and the Pea” true-fairytale? One can’t help but remember the line from Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum says, “Life will always find a way,” and wonder if it had been left to grow whether it would have emerged from his ear. . .

While we are on the subject of bizzare, modern, true-fairytales, apparently no one read to this chef when he was a child, or told him you’re supposed to kiss a frog, not lick a toad. Especially not in a restaurant kitchen. People will probably be thinking twice about eating there, even with the fines over sanitation violations from the local health department. He will no doubt deserve the mouthful of warts he’s bound to get. Frog legs, anyone?

One also wonders if the three naked women, lost in the woods in Sweden found their way home by clicking their heels together three times and saying, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!. . . ” Toto, we are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore. . . .

Then there is the latest twist on paranoia, Truman Show Disorder, coming soon to a DSM-V (the DSM-V is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5, used by the psychiatric profession) near you! Let’s make some popcorn!

A recent archeological find tells us that the Ancient Mariner probably ate a lot of olives, and dealt with smelly sailors by dowsing them with perfume. I adore olives and could write volumes about them – truly they are the food of the gods! Also, lots of clay wine jars were found. Who knew sailors like to drink!?!

And speaking of Chinese brains, there was the faithful husband in China who woke his wife from a ten year coma by biting her toes. I find it rather amazing that she didn’t wake sooner. I know I would have!

I think my mother was a closet zen master. She used to say “Truth is always stranger than fiction.” Little did she know that something called the internet would come along and show without a doubt how right she was!

So, gentle reader, if you also happen to be a blogger who finds yourself looking for inspiration, or for something to write about, just wander the web a bit. I guarantee it won’t let you down.


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