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About Babaloo -or- How to be enlightened without really trying. . .

Nearly 25 years ago now. . .

It was a very early morning in June, the sky just fully light. A soft, gentle rain was pattering on the roof and windows. The household was sleeping peacefully.

Then- –

Lightning hit the building. It was simply the loudest thing you can imagine. And out of a sound sleep, I was on my feet, racing down the hallway toward the strike, to my son’s room. All the ordinary overlays on my consciousness were gone, just like that. There was no thought, no feeling, no words, no wondering, no nothing but BEING. There is no imagining what this is like, life without the overlays. There are no words. It can only be experienced – never communicated.

Then, the next day, I went out walking alone in the woods. I knew. And I have never been the same since.

(One way I can describe my experience of Satori is that it was a
complete obliteration of all the overlays on my consciousness:
language, thought, future, past, role (wife, mother, etc). Even my
body disappeared (female, sore left arm, whether I was dressed, etc).
All the overlays foisted on me by culture, other people and my own
ego-self just completely fell away in an instant. I didn’t even know
I’d had Satori until years later. I knew something “big” or extremely
unusual had happened to me, but I had no words for it. I’ve never even
discussed it until the last few years. But at the same time I never
forgot it…I don’t mean I thought about it all the time – it was just
there quietly in the background.

After Satori the genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. One goes
back to “ordinary” life, even though one’s life can never be
“ordinary” again. It’s a paradigm shift. One goes back to “ordinary”
life with one’s view of life radically and irrevocably changed.

After Satori???
I fixed breakfast.)


Where the sword wheel flies, sun and moon lose their shine; when the jewel staff strikes, heaven and earth lose their color. Through this experience all devils’ guts burst; through this experience, all sages eyes open. – -Xeudou


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© Babaloo Bonzai and Babaloo Bonzai’s Zen Soup, 2010.

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